Wheat Variety Performance Reports – Pennsylvania


Planting Date: 10-11-2022 Harvest Date: 7-5-2023

VarietyTest WeightMoisture %YIELD Bushels
EPIX 136558.3N/A149.1
EPIX 239259.3N/A143.1
MBX 12060N/A154.1
MBX 12758.4N/A149.6
MBX 17659.1N/A139.9
MBX 22360N/A150.1
EPIX Average58.8146.1
Plant Population: 1,600,000. This is a dealer strip trial, not replicated. There are 12 varieties in this trial.

Mount Joy

Planting Date: 10-21-2022 Harvest Date: 7-6-2023

VarietyTest WeightMoisture %YIELD Bushels
EPIX 136558N/A120.9
EPIX 239259N/A137.2
EPIX 437258N/A130.9
EPIX EX6458N/A126.4
This plot was planted and managed by an independent contractor. Details of rainfall, fertilization, and herbicide treatments are available upon request.