Providing Quality Small Grain Seed

EPIX Seed is the newest division of Delcarm, started in the summer of 2022. EPIX focuses on small grain, mainly wheat and barley, that is locally grown and processed in strict compliance with all state and USDA quality standards.

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Seed Varieties


VT Beahm

A moderately early, tall, beardless, six row winter barley. Forage tonnage, crude protein, NDF Grain yield superior to Nomini. Good moderate resistance to prevalent diseases


An early maturing, medium tall, six-row, smooth head, winter feed barley. Nomini has good winter hardiness with resistance to mildew, scab, and barley yellow dwarf. Nomini is moderately susceptible to the prevalent leaf rust races.


A high-yield, high test weight, early heading, short bearded, short stature, six row winter barley having good winter hardiness. The spikes are upright with short beards. Grain quality of Secretariat is superior. It exhibits good resistance to all of the prevalent barley diseases.



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brown wheat field under blue sky during daytime


EPIX 1365

This is an early wheat, with heading 3-4 days later than EPIX 1375. It has early fall emergence and growth, prolific aggressive tillering, and excellent winter hardiness. With strong field tolerance to rust diseases and the Fhb1 Gene for head scab defense.

EPIX 1375


This is a very early, high management wheat. With smooth heads for straw markets, it dries down fast, and thrashes clean. You will get your beans in the ground early with this wheat.

EPIX 2356


This is a medium early wheat with excellent spring emergence, medium height, and very good straw strength. It has a good field tolerance to head scab and excellent tolerance to Barley Yellow Dwarf. Plant this with EPIX 4372 to spread your risks.

EPIX 2392

This medium early wheat has vigorous fall growth and aggressive early spring growth. The strong plant and straw allows for maximum Nitrogen utilization. It dries down fast, allowing you to plant soybeans earlier.

EPIX 3389


This medium wheat has excellent fall emergence and takes nitrogen easily. It has a strong Barley Yellow Dwarf resistance, and is tolerant to rusts. It also has the Fhb1 Gene for scab defense.

EPIX 4372

EPIX 4372 is a double crop winner, with extreme high end yield potential, strong winter hardiness, and strong tolerance to major diseases (including the Fhb1 Gene for scab defense). It handles high rates of nitrogen very well, and has strong straw for higher fertility and populations.

EPIX 4380


This medium late wheat has a good field tolerance to head scab. It has excellent standability, excellent dry down, strong straw, and threshes easily. It also has a good barley dwarf rating.

Seed Treatments

Vibrance Extreme

~ Longer-lasting, broad-spectrum performance, better yields under stress.

~ Offers “Halo of Protection” around the seed and root system.

~ Boosts rooting power through disease protection.

~ Protects seed to stimulate quality root systems.

~ Encourages better emergence, stand establishment, and nutrient uptake.

CruiserMaxx Vibrance

~ Combines best-in-class Rhizoctonia activity with industry-leading insect and broad-spectrum disease protection.

~ Boosts rooting power through longer-lasting disease protection that leads to more powerful roots and improved crop performance.

~ Contains Sedaxane, the first fungicide active ingredient from Syngenta developed specifically as a seed treatment.

Additional Grains

Arcia Triticale

Plant early for maximum fall growth. Traps manure well. Upright head and medium short awns.

Annual Rye

Cover crop Rye available in bags, bulk, and mini-bulk.

Double Team Grain Sorghum

Grain Sorghum traited for resistance to first act herbicide from Adama Chemical. Available for both full season and double crop applications.

Forage / Stabilization Grass

We offer orchard grass, timothy grass, clover, and more.

We offer waterway, lawn, and site stabilization mixes by request.